We Are El Loco

We’re just the right amount of crazy

What We Do

We make software that makes it waaaay easier for mobile developers to translate their apps into different languages. And to keep them translated, even with a bazillion changes over short periods of time. By automating as much of the drudgery as we possibly can, and then working to automate just one step more, and one more after that, always reaching for the next level of simplification.

Why We Do It

Right now getting and keeping apps localized is too darn hard. We aim to do for mobile app localization what tax software did for taxes—make it easier for mere mortals to do it right without being experts and without spending tons of time and money.

We’ve spent 20 years working with app developers like you. Those of you who have localized your app make more money and have more reach than those who don’t. We think all of you deserve more money and more reach, and we’d like to help you do it with far less effort and less hassle than ever before.

Meet The Team

Our amazing team is comprised of multi-talented men and women from a wide range of cultures.

S. Kee Nethery III

Founder, CEO

Beatrice Stonebanks


Tim Holmes


Sergiu Chirila

Software Engineer

Kasim Tan

Software Engineer

Adam Yagiz