Prepare App Source Code for Localization

How do I re-organize my app to support localization?


Many app developers either don’t know how, or have not spent the time needed, to re-organize their code for localization. Producing an application in a single language is difficult enough such that restructuring to accommodate localization is frequently not performed. For many programmers, the app compiled and seems bug free, let’s ship it.


Restructuring code for localization is a one time effort and is frequently the first hurdle to app localization. El Loco has created an automated process to analyze and restructure an application to enable it to be localized.

The process examines the application source code files, makes a copy, and moves the files in the copy into the appropriate directories for localization. The app is then compiled to confirm that the restructuring did not kill the app. This automated process works for many apps but not all. If it doesn’t work, the copy gets deleted. If it does work, the copy can replace the original.

Applications which are ill-suited to our current implementation of restructuring provide invaluable information which is fed back to us. As new issues are discovered, they are added to the automation so that future versions of code displaying the same unusual issue can be processed automatically.

New code organization situations that cannot be processed automatically are highlighted to the developer so that they can figure out how to re-arrange their code successfully.


Our goal is to eliminate as many barriers to localization as possible. Over time, the percentage of apps that cannot be automatically restructured for localization shrinks to zero.


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