Translation on demand (On Demand In-App Translation)

Please, a bad machine translation is better than none at all.


Almost all apps include English, but imagine if that was not true. Imagine all apps were in Klingon and only a small fraction were available in English (assuming for this example that you don’t read Klingon). If one needed to use an app that was only available in Klingon, one would be willing to have a less than perfect translation over having none at all. An app translated by machine (Google, Bing, etc) even if the translation was inaccurate would be better than none. Even better would be a user translation. The best is obviously a professional translation provided by the developer.


It is unlikely that all developers will localize their apps into all languages. The app user should be able to buy a machine or human translation of a required app in their native language.

It is very likely that users in an obscure language would pay a third party to provide a human translation for a specific app, or they themselves might translate it for non-English speaking friends and relatives. The solution is for an app user to be able to buy, view, and use the app in an additional language with the translation provided by a machine translation or another user.


A machine translation of an app is not going to be accurate but it will be better than nothing. A human translation by someone other than a professional translator would probably be better than a machine translation. On demand translation would allow users to use an app that is not normally provided in their native language. It also provides market data to suggestion additional official translations.


US Patent Application Number 61873665
Filed 04-SEP-2014