El Loco Tools

A macOS App that finds and fixes strings that need to be localized.


You probably have text strings in your iOS and macOS apps that didn’t, and should, get wrapped for localization. With so many source files it’s easy to miss one. Plus, they hide in your source code looking like strings that should not get localized. You know they are there hiding from you.


The El Loco Tools macOS app hunts unwrapped strings and lets you wrestle them into submission. It’s your choice, mark them as never needing to be localized, wrap them for localization, or stand up and say "I don’t know. Gonna leave this string alone for now".


Today you’ll know with certainty that all the strings that should get localized, will get localized. And as an added bonus, the next time you update your app and look for unwrapped strings, the only strings you’ll be shown will be the "I don’t know" strings, and new ones you added.

Mac App Store

Download El Loco Tools for free from the Mac App Store.


Questions? Please contact us. Our goal is all apps used by all people in all languages. We want El Loco Tools to be a useful tool for you.

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