Quick feedback to translators by developers

Is "Display" a noun or verb? "Hot" has 31 Spanish translations, which meaning did you want?


Even with visual context, there can still be translations that are not obvious. For many companies, the path between the translators and the developer is tortuous and slow.


El Loco Talk places a message bubble next to each phrase. When a translator is unsure how to translate a specific phrase, they click on its message bubble and ask the developer for clarification. The message goes direct to the developer who is taken to the exact phrase on the appropriate app screen. They can respond quickly so that the translator gets the clarification they need while they are translating. The best part is that all translators see the same clarification.


It is fun to watch a clarification flow back to a translator and then see several other translators change their translation of the same phrase because they had assumed another meaning.


Not really a Trade Secret but amazingly useful