El Loco App Guidance

Accept or Reject Translations

After integrating your final translations and reviewing your app in the iOS Simulator, the time has come to accept or reject the translation. If, during review in the simulator, you find that something isn’t quite right, you can reject the translation and give the translator the opportunity to correct any issues. Otherwise, you can accept the final draft and complete the translation.

  1. Select languages

    A Job Well Done: To accept a completed final translation, select the checkbox for the language in question and click the “Accept” button.

    Accept or reject

    Once a translation has been accepted, the translation task will be closed. If you do not explicitly accept (or reject) a final draft, it will be automatically accepted in 14 days.

  2. If It’s Not Quite Right: If the translations aren’t quite right and you would like the translator to take another look, select the checkbox for the language you intend to reject and click the “Reject” button.

    Reject with comment

    When rejecting a translation, you can enter a comment for the translator explaining why you have rejected the translation and what you would like them to fix. Reasons may include string length constraints, incomplete translations, or other context related issues.

    To reject the translation without providing a comment, you could click the “Cancel” button… although it wouldn’t be very productive.

  3. Continuous Localization: One of the benefits of using the El Loco app and the El Loco platform is that we can keep track of your app changes as you develop new screens and features or update text or user interface components.

    Continuous localization

    Accepting the final translation of your app activates the “Look for changes” button in the El Loco app’s “Overview” screen. After making changes to your app in Xcode, you can click the “Look for changes” button to have the El Loco app reanalyze your project. Any new or updated strings will be tagged and you’ll be given the chance to upload them for translation as well.

Well… that’s it for now!