El Loco App Guidance

Integrate Translations

When draft or final translations are ready, integrating the newly localized files is just a click away.

  1. Look Before You Leap: For best results, be sure to quit Xcode before integrating draft or final translations.

  2. Select languages

    Pick-A-Language: When a draft or final translation is ready, the status will be visible in the “Draft” column.

    You will also be able to see if and when a translation has been previously integrated in the “Integrated” column.

    Integrate languages

    To download available translation files, select the checkbox for the available language(s) you wish to integrate and click the “Integrate” button.

  3. Launch Your App: After integrating a new language, click the “Launch App” button to have the El Loco app compile and install your app in the iOS Simulator. After your app launches, be sure to set the simulator language to that of the newly integrated translation.

    Change iOS Simulator Language: ⌘+Shift+H → Settings → General → Language & Region → iPhone Language → {desired language}

    Running your newly translated app in the iOS Simulator gives you the opportunity to see exactly how the translations fit in your actual app UI.

    If you are integrating and reviewing a draft, please note that the translator may still be working on the translation task. If you have questions about specific strings, you can add them in the Visual Context Editor in your web browser.

    El Loco Tip: If you are integrating and reviewing a final translation and everything looks good, don’t forget to accept the translation in the next step on the “Accept or Reject” screen.

    El Loco Tip: If you are integrating and reviewing a final translation but have issues with the translation, reject the translation (in the next step) and use the comment box to provide feedback to the translator.