El Loco App Guidance

Review Localization Candidate Strings

The El Loco app makes reviewing localization candidate strings is a breeze.

  1. El Loco app file browser

    File Navigation: To move between files identified as containing localization candidate strings, use the file navigator at the top of the Review Strings window.

    The file name and location on the hard disk are displayed so you know exactly where the strings are coming from. You can also see how many files there are to review.

  2. El Loco app string review

    String Review: The value of each localization candidate is displayed beneath the file navigator. The ignore/accept buttons El Loco app string review next to each string allow you to quickly mark which strings to localize and which ones to leave alone.

    El Loco app string review

    Want more info? Click a string’s disclosure triangle to reveal the hunk of code in which the string appears.

    The current line of code in your source file is highlighted in  red . If you opt to ignore a string, the line of code will remain unaltered. If you choose to localize a string, the change the El Loco app would make is highlighted in  green .

  3. Update Source Code

    Update Source Code: After you have finished reviewing all candidate strings, click the “Update Source Code” button to process any strings selected for localization.

    El Loco Tip: The El Loco app may modify the structure and organization of any resources to be localized in the Xcode Project Navigator. However, the actual files in the Finder file system that your resources refer to remain unmoved.

    El Loco Tip: If you know that all of the strings in your project have already been properly prepared for localization, simply click the “Skip” button move to the next step.