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Ready to reach a bigger market faster?

Stop torturing yourself with labor intensive tools and delaying releases. Use El Loco and you’ll release sooner to a larger customer base and make more money all while translating as you code!

Localize your app for free* in two languages. See just how fast, easy, and pain free localization can be.

As a special offer, use coupon code BIGGERMARKET to get 20% off for 12 months when you sign up for an INDIE plan.**

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* Free localization when performed by company personnel, friends, or family. El Loco translation services extra.
** Offer valid through July 31, 2016.

Check out why we do what we do:

El Loco Platform At-A-Glance:

  • Project Prep

    Goodbye tedium: Prepping your code for localization can be a chore. Enter the El Loco app, your localization Sherpa. Reduce errors and save time with the El Loco app’s automated code localization prep. No more manual wrapping of strings or running obscure command-line functions. How’s that for doing the heavy lifting?

  • Auto-Translation

    Like having helper robots: Pseudo-translation is nice and all, but what good does a bunch of random filler text do you? El Loco auto-translation gives you the real deal. Combined with our simple overrun identification tools, you can quickly check how the translation fits into your UI.

  • String Integration

    We put ’em back: Relax, the El Loco app won’t leave you high and dry to figure out what to do with your new translation files. With one-click integration, the El Loco app fetches your new files, places them into the necessary folder(s) on your machine and updates your project. Voila!

  • String Extraction

    We take ’em out: Getting strings out of your source code and into a usable format can be about as much fun as having your teeth pulled out. The El Loco app plucks out strings that you identified during code prep and uploads them for translation at a push of a button. No painkiller needed.

  • Visual Context

    It’s kind of like magic: Open up your browser and get ready to be wowed. Visual Context lets you and your translators view and edit translations in a virtual iPhone that’s as close to the real thing as you can get without running your app on an actual device. Now that’s kind of like pulling a rabbit out of your hat, don’t you think?

  • Continuous Localization

    We’ll be watching: What if your app changes? We’ve got you covered. The El Loco app tracks your project and keeps an eye out for new and modified strings and changes to your app interface files. When something changes, you can upload the new strings for translation. It’s really that easy.