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El Loco Updates for May 31, 2016

By Adam Yagiz — May 31, 2016

Here are the latest updates and improvements to the Web Portal and El Loco app.

Web Portal [v1.2 (2805)]

This update:

  • Fixed overlapping screens and rendering issues with large form factors in Visual Context Editor.

  • Fixed false-positive overrun indicators in Visual Context Editor.

  • Updated reporting for translators and developers.

  • Added the ability to pause/resume El Loco subscriptions.

  • Improved performance and other bug fixes.

El Loco App [v1.0.2542.0]

This update:

  • Improved Swift file parsing and support.

  • Fixed El Loco library integration error when Swift bridging header is present.

  • Fixed customer reported issues.

  • Improved stability, error handling, and other bug fixes.

Happy localizing!
The El Loco Team