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How Do I Translate My Non-English App?

By Kee Nethery — August 19, 2015

How Do I Translate My Non-English App?

Not all iOS developers are fluent in English, and thus not all developers deploy their apps in English. For example, many Asian countries produce apps that are only available in their native language. So then, how do you go about getting your app translated from your native language into all of the other possible App Store languages?

While there are professional and contract translators who can translate from one non-English language to another, they are less common and are thus significantly more expensive. Despite the fact that it may seem like extra work, it is currently easier – and cheaper – to translate a non-English app into English before changing it into other languages.

You probably already know people who can translate your app into English and it is a good idea to use them for the initial first draft translation. However, for an accurate “American English” translation, you will also want to hire someone who is a native “American English” speaker. The English language, especially the US version, can be confusing and inconsistent with other variations.

Have a native American English speaker convert your translated English into American English, then take advantage of the thousands of native speakers who can localize apps from English into other, non-English languages.

An additional benefit of translating your app into English first is the English app market is very large and offers a larger pool of new potential users. Once you have your app translated into English, adding other languages will also cost less.

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